Making your high school baseball team is not always easy. In Little League Baseball and other various social leagues, you are pretty much guaranteed to make the team and get a little bit of playing time. In high school baseball, you have to be able to make the team based on your skill level and determination. There are a number of things that you can do to increase your odds of making the team.

1. Always Hustle

The first and most important tip to getting on your team is to out-hustle the other players. The one thing that you have total control of regardless of your skill level is your determination and hustle.

The baseball player that gives maximum effort will stand out to coaches and other players alike. This could be the difference if you are on the fringe and competing with some others that are similar in skills. If you out-hustle them, then you will get the open position.

2. Learn the Basics

High school baseball is very much about being excellent in the basics. Fielding the ball cleanly, making solid contact at the plate and running the bases properly are all very important. If you are solid in the basics, then you are likely to make most high school baseball teams. If you are deficient in any of these areas, you should spend a great deal of time working out the kinks. These are vital to being a solid high school ball player.

3. Win the Mental Game

Do all of the mental things right. For example, you should always be backing up throws in the field. If you are a catcher, you should back up the throw to first when runners are not on base. If you are a pitcher, then you need to back up the throws from the outfield. Mentally knowing what you are supposed to do in game time situations will impress your high school baseball coaches, and likely nail you down a spot on the team.

Wrapping Up: How to Make the Team

The biggest key to making your high school baseball team is hustle. Certainly knowing the game and having skills are important as well. You have to be able to go on the field and perform. Still, if you are not a player that gives one hundred percent every time you step out there, then you are risking being cut and not making the team. Give it your best effort, study the game and execute the basics and you should be just fine.