A formidable pitcher can play a major role in catapulting his baseball team’s success. While home runs are said to win the games, pitching is what drives a team to win major series.

Becoming a good pitcher is a matter of learning control, having precision and understanding the fundamentals. Below, you’ll read our top 3 baseball pitching tips.

Tip #1: Don’t Worry About The Swing

Professional pitchers realize that their job is to choose a target and hit it with the intended velocity. If the batter swings and connects, that’s not the pitcher’s problem. So, don’t worry about the aftermath of your pitches. Choose your targets and focus on hitting them.

Tip #2: Speed It Up

If your movements on the mound are slow, it’ll hurt your pitch’s velocity. Quicken your stride. Beginning pitchers often fail to understand that most of the ball’s velocity builds during the lunge. When your front foot makes contact with the mound, the velocity of the ball is already largely determined. So push off hard, with vicious intent, and speed up your stride. Your pitch’s velocity with increase in step.

Tip #3: Think Positive

Don’t laugh. If you ask a pro, he’ll tell you that your thoughts on the mound play a huge part in determining how effective you are. Confidence in baseball (as well as all performance-based activities) is huge. Hitters will try to intimidate you. Don’t let them. When each hitter approaches the mound, you should already be thinking about how you’re going to dominate him.

Becoming a great baseball pitcher takes both experience and an appreciation for the mechanics of pitching. Think about some of the great pitchers you see at the MLB and watch their mental focus.

So go out and buy cheap MLB tickets and get out to a ball game. It’s inspiring.

Bottom line: Focus on your targets, speed up your movements and win the mental game. Your pitches will follow your lead.